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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

HU 01: “The Reuters - We Are From Hu” LP info

The Reuters - We Are From Hu
(HU 01)

A1 Credits
A2 Mindset
A3 Making A Scene
A4 Strychnine
A5 Sync Gen
A6 Nocturne
B1 We Are From HU
B2 Boggy Coypu Dam(n)
B3 Fear
B4 Haunted House
B5 12XU

Vinyl only!
100 copies black vinyl, 200 copies clear vinyl.

Selected press quotes

Opgenomen in The Krakke Mik Studio's en in dat licht een verrassend goed klinkend album van een waveband met urgente industrial postpink die het midden houdt tussen Mecano en Wire, wier 12XU ze coveren. Een album vol nachtelijke avonturen van vierlichtvrezende ruimtereizigers met gitaar en elektronica.

...You like your punk dark with that sci-fi twinge, this is the band for you. They have this wonderful heavy riff-focused beat without any boring solos, just heavy guitar. I love this band. Whatever these guys are taking, I want some...
There's a Joy Division/Bauhaus goth angst to these guys that is so compelling. Take a trip with these dark wave punkers...

...Opening with the excellent Credits, The Reuters channel Killing Joke with some melodic punk rock with a goth/dark wave undercurrent. The band hail from The Netherlands but there is an industrial Cabaret Voltaire personality throughout the album...
... At the half-way point, the chunky and churning guitar intro to Nocturne provides the cover for a dark Sisters Of Mercy style song with a great rock ‘n roll/dance beat. The title track, We Are From Hu, continues with the sci-fi lyrical approach and adds some electronic bleeps and blips to the deep bass, atonal guitars and slowly delivered vocals with the obvious comparisons to Planet Claire.

Musically The Reuters bring a raw, noisy and enthralling sound and with every listening session you discover new things. Therefore ‘We are from Hu’ is a thrilling journey in the musical landscapes of garage rock, noise and post punk. It's an enjoyable, not always easy to chew album, if you like a darker shade of punk.
(Out Of Step Fanzine)

Ze brengen een lekker rauw geluid naar buiten dat zich ergens tussen noise, post-punk, new wave en indierock nestelt. Daarbij moet je denken aan een mix van The Birthday Party, Buzzcocks, Crime & The City Solution, Wire, Warsaw, Wipers en Killing Joke. Dat levert een heerlijk opzwepend en meeslepend geheel op, dat vermoedelijk tot ver buiten onze landgrens gretig aftrek zal vinden.
(Subjectivisten - Het Schaduwkabinet)




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