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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

SEJA 03: “Niton Decay - Cage” LP info

Niton Decay- Cage (SEJA 03)

A1 Strange And Silent
A2 Don't Mind
A3 Deny The Decay
A4 Cage
B1 Endless
B2 Shiver
B3 Trance


Vinyl LP, limited to 300 copies

Selected press quotes:

...As opening statements go, 'Don't Mind' is effective at setting the scene for the rest of Cage; if you imagined trying to turn the bleakest, darkest colour that Mark Rothko ever committed to his doomed canvasses - perhaps for his Four Seasons series - into a song, it might well sound a lot like 'Don't Mind' - dark, grainy textures, dirty bass slaps, febrile rhythms and melodies that point firmly downwards rather than anywhere euphoric. Over that, Gonser delivers a monotone, vaguely Gary Numan-esque vocal that sounds like it's had every last ounce of hope ripped out of it, leaving nothing more than a void in its place. 'Sometimes I feel the need to be in touch,' Gonser sings on 'Trance', the ten minute queasy epic that closes the album, but it's a brief, fleeting suggestion and is quickly shut down by themes of absolute finality.
Gonser and his Traffic A.M. collaborator Michel Kissing, co-producer of Cage, work hard here to make every track as darkly atmospheric as possible, making this a challenge to listen to if you're in need of something uplifting; staying firmly in that very dark place takes a very resolute level of detachment and Cage, on the whole is minimal, devoid of any unnecessary accompaniment. It wouldn't in any way come across as upbeat for any other artist, but 'Endless' is probably the most positive track here - a vocal that recalls Joy Division's Ian Curtis at his most breezy, tentative funk bass and a 1981-vintage beat with some jangly sounds... and then you listen to the lyrics and it's all messages of collapse, malfunction, pointlessness and a complete and utter absence of hope. If you dare, check out the sheer unadulterated, apocalyptic vibe of the video for 'Deny The Decay' - a song that celebrates darkness - where the images are frankly terrifying...
(Documentary Evidence)

...By checking the first tracks on the A-side of this release I somehow thought on a musically darker sounding Alter Ego-project to Traffic AM, especially after the ominous, sample-driven introduction tune 'Strange And Silent'. Also 'Don't Mind' and 'Deny The Decay' aren't hymns to celebrate a kids' birthday on a sunny afternoon, but clever sounding Downtempo-like Dark Electronica tracks with a constant Wave influence inspired by the golden 80s. The b-side then brings generally in more pace and a bit more of their New Wave influence, it could be said, the 3 tracks are coming very near to the cleaner produced Traffic AM project. 'Cage' is another well produced effort by these German protagonists. The fact, that this release comes again out on good old vinyl just helps again to integrate the analogue warmth so evident for this style of music and it sounds much more 'alive' and edgy than the usual plastic Pop chart music effort.
(Chain D.L.K.)

...“Cage” directly moves into electronic minimalism. The compositions sound pretty experimental although with some clear electro-ambient orientation. The vocals are half spoken half sung, but often creating a rather spooky atmosphere. The down tempo rhythmic perfectly fits to the icy atmospheres and cold sequences. Tracks like “Don’t Mind” and “Deny The Decay” both are very cool exponents of Gonser musical approach....

...Musikalisch sowie textlich klingt „Cage“ wie aus einem Guss. Die Texte drehen sich immer wieder um Apathie, Paranoia und Hoffnungslosigkeit in abgewandelten Phrasen. Das Motto der Gesellschaft als Krankheit zieht sich durch das gesamte Album... Die Entwicklung der negativen Emotionen setzt sich hier wie der Titel vermuten lässt mit dem Versuch weiter, den Verfall zu ignorieren bis es dann im Stück „Cage“ zur unumstößlicher Realisation der eigenen Lethargie und Aussichtslosigkeit kommt. Musikalisch erinnert das Stück stark an eine langsamere Version eines TRAFFIC A.M.-Songs. Musikalisch und textlich ähnlich sind dann auch die folgenden Lieder, bis zynischerweise das am fröhlichsten klingende Lied am Ende textlich den Suizid abhandelt...

...The first track Strange And Silent immediately grabbed me by the neck as this tiny piece of music is like a Pieter Nooten-track that could have been released on Cold Meat Industry. Don’t Mind is ambient-pop and something that could have landed on Brilliant Trees by David Sylvian as it’s pop, but it’s just more than just pop! In fact, we can use these words for all of the tracks which are presented on this vinyl album that consists of seven splendid tracks. Just listen to Deny The Decay as this doomy popsong has all the qualities from a Bowie-track (and yes, we’re referring to his Low-area).
Niton Decay won’t leave you happy as this is music to put you in a very dark mood in where melancholy rules, but oh my God….what a terrific place it is! Absolutely recommended.
(Peek-A-Boo Magazine)

...Noem het dark wave, noem het cold wave of noem het gewoon donkere synthpop, maar dan wel stikdonkere; het debuutalbum van Niton Decay brengt zwartgallige atmosferische synthesizerwave waarin af en toe ook een gitaar opduikt. We moeten denken aan Gary Numan, John Foxx, Frank Tovey en menen ook een zweempje te ontwaren van de vroege Human League of de meer duistere albums van Depeche Mode. De muziek klinkt depri, koud en minimaal. Dark ambient invloeden zitten er ook uitdrukkelijk in. Achter Niton Decay zit ene Stefan Gonser uit Keulen die ook actief is in de dark wave band Traffic A.M...
...In soms ijzige afgemeten vocals vol fatalisme en wanhoop zingt Stefan Gonser op “Cage” (7 tracks, 43 minuten speelduur) over zijn weinig benijdenswaardige leven in de postmoderne wereld: ‘As sirens sound the day begins/ The workers in the factories/ The fallout and the radiance/ Society is a disease.’ Zo begint weinig opbeurend de eerste vocale track “Don’t Mind” en zet zo de toon voor de rest van het album...
...De lange bijna 11 minuten durende slotsong “Trance” klinkt zo wanhopig dat we beginnen te vrezen dat deze getormenteerde ziel er dra Ian Curtis-gewijs een einde aan maakt...
(Dark Entries)

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