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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

SEJA 04: “Fatal Casualties - Paria” CD info

Fatal Casualties - Paria (SEJA 04)

1 Aim
2 Drifting
3 En Nervkostym
4 Glas
5 Slippery
6 Toys



Digipack CD, limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies

Selected press quotes:

Opening track Aim immediately can be classified as an instant classic. I won’t be the first who think this sounds like early Klinik but then again there’s nothing wrong with this, I guess. Drifting is a bit poppier, an 80’s synth that seems to come from an old Mute-releases add with distorted vocals… think Borghesia, Skinny Puppy… or just think about quality. En Nerkostym (no, me neither) is probably Fatal Casualties at its darkest, an experimental dancefloorkiller and once again I’m thinking of the influence of a man named Dirk Ivens...
... The EP closes with Toys and it’s just like the existence from the band itself: it all seems like z big mystery. Paria is an excellent work for electroheads. But they better hurry as this release is strictly limited to 200 copies!
(Peek-A-Boo Magazine)

In de korte tijd dat Fatal Casualties bestond, 1986-1991, brachten ze enkele demo's uit en deden wat live performances, daar bleef het in eerste instantie ook bij. Nu brengen ze na circa 21 jaar een EP uit Paria. De vrij luguber uitziende platenhoes doet al vermoeden welke kant deze plaat uitgaat. Heel dreigende en donkere Industrial tonen worden vrij subtiel op ons los gelaten. Paria is geen EP om te beluisteren voor het slapen gaan, het zou je wel eens nachtmerries kunnen bezorgen...

... Paria is short and sweet. It’s built around noise, subtle synths and slow robotic vocals. Its mellow tunes and slowly drawn out lyrics could be the soundtrack to either a horrible drug trip or a really good horror film. (Many fans of the industrial genre would probably be okay with either.)...
(COMA Music Magazine)

... „Glas“ ist erneut ein schwedisches Lied, das mit dieser lockenden Stimme gesungen ist, die man aus manchem Horrorfilm kennt – und in diesen Fällen weiß man genau, dass die Darsteller lieber wegrennen sollten. So liegt auch etwas Bedrohliches im Nachhall und den elektronisches Klängen, die den Text untermalen. Je länger der Song dauert, desto lauter wird er, wechselt etwa zur Hälfte den Stil und wird erst zu dominantem Beat, bis schließlich langsam Synthesizer mehr Pepp reinbringen. Es mündet in einem fast orchestralen Finale, was verwirrt, aber durchaus eine spannende Mischung darstellt....

This 6-track EP is in a way a mix of Industrial and EBM with influences of the 80′s. Though it feels very experimental. It's dark, but with a bright structure with similar effects to the old Tron movie style. The vocals comes with effects and most of the tracks keep a driving beat structure with harsh sounds and noises. At first, I didn’t even noticed that the lyrics was in Swedish in some of the tracks...
(blackvector magazine)

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