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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

SEJA 05: "Fatal Casualties - SITM Remixes" CD-Single/EP Mailorder only!!! info

Fatal casualties - SITM Remixes (SEJA 05)

1 Somewhere In The Middle (single edit)
2 Laica
3 SITM Remix by Graue Substanz
4 SITM Remix by Daniel B.
5 SITM ODD RMX by Beate Bartel

Release date: December the 8th, 2013
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Selected press quotes:

"... If it's remotely possible, Ivan Hirvonen and Stefan Ljungdahl's latest single for the Dutch Seja label makes the previous single sound like a gleeful walk through a sun-drenched glade. Both 'Somewhere In The Middle' and the B-side 'Laica' are exercises in muted emotions. Hirvonen's vocal on each is raw and gravelly, while the music has been pared back to a throbbing, pulsing palette of subtle detail; there's a lot going on here but the intricacies are deliberately hidden, representing a delicate, but relentless state of being trapped - 'Somewhere In The Middle', through an optimist's lens, would appear to translate as 'just right' but in reality it feels more like 'perpetually stuck'. It makes for a claustrophobic affair if you think about it too much..."
"... SITM Remixes is released as a limited edition CD of just 150 copies, with the disc enclosed in a fold-out sleeve featuring some unsettling shots of a female mannequin or woman covered in what could be a silver foil death mask..."
(Documentary Evidence)

„Somewhere in the Middle – SITM Remixes“ beginnt mit gleichnamigem Song, der mit EBM-Grundgerüst relativ langsam daherkommt. Die einzige Textzeile, die vorkommt, macht das Stück nicht unbedingt interessanter. „Laica“ hingegen kann von Anfang an Atmosphäre aufbauen und bewegt sich wie der „Somewhere In The Middle“-Remix von GRAUE SUBSTANZ in noch langsameren elektronischen Gefilden als das Titelstück. Zu den anderen Remixen, einer von DANIEL B. (FRONT 242) und einer von BEATE BARTE (LIAISONS DANGEREUSES) braucht wahrscheinlich nicht viel gesagt werden. Insgesamt sind die Remix-Versionen musikalisch interessanter als das Original.

In March of this year “Paria” (Seja 04) appeared; the debut of Fatal Casualties, a duo coming from Stockholm consisting of Stefan Ljungdah and Ivan Hirvonen. And that as many as 27 years after the band had started making music. You can call that a long incubation period. This long wait was not in vain, whilst the band came up with a memorable album that refers to the best 80’s dark electronic music in a contemparary style and context. Now when they have a taste for creating new songs and playing live again, an ultra limited CD-EP (150 copies) will see the light at the end of this year. “SITM Remixes” contains two new tracks and three remixes.
“Somewhere In The Middle (single edit)” is a hypothermic track with smooth synths and distorted vocals. The new track Laica is an oppressive beauty. The first remix is by Graue Substanz. SITM evolved under the hands of label mates Stefan Gonser and Michael Kissing in a track that recalls the quiet, dark streets of Gary Numan’s “Vienna”. The repetitive power of Kraftwerk and Can seems to have become the new creation that Daniel B. made of SITM, and Beate Bartel with her SITM ODD RMX was responsible for the most alienating version of the song.
All this makes us just more curious about the new Fatal Casualties album that is on the agenda for spring next year.
(Dietmar Terpstra)


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