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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

SEJA 10: “ImiAFan + Dario Seraval - Against The Walls” LP info

ImiAFan + Dario Seraval - Against The Walls MLP
(SEJA 10)

A1 Mo×gani Na Asfaltu
A2 Crne Rukavice
A3 Poker

B1 Words Strong As Blood (Original Instrumental Version)
B2 Poker (Damolh33 Rmx)
B3 Crne Rukavice (Gothic Version)


MLP, ltd to 300 copies, comes with download code.

Selected press quotes:

... "The result is absolutely sensational and a real great surprise. The sound of ImiAFan moves in between intelligent EBM formats and pure electronic minimalism. It’s not pure EBM, but it will appeal to lovers of the genre.
Imrich Vegh reveals to be a genius sound manipulator who likes to experience with minimal bleeps recovering his work by mysterious atmospheres. There’s a kind of vintage touch throughout this work, but the main strength emerging from the music are the unique sound treatments. ImiAFan is not emulating any kind of established genre and/or formation, and has its very own sound DNA.
Dario Seraval’s very own timbre of voice creates a nice contrast with the music although it’s a great match. The cavernous vocals sung in Dario’s Mother tongue inject a real intriguing touch and are easily recognizable. I dare to say that this production is one of the best Dario Seraval contributed to in years.
The “Damolh33 Rmx” of “Poker” is a real potential hit. This remix was made by a Slovakian DJ who injected an extra clubby boost to the original song. I enjoyed the bleeps, sweeps and low resonating bass running through this song..."
Conclusion: This vinyl is a real must-have for all fans of Borghesia, but especially for all lovers of intelligent and original minimal-electronics.
(Side-Line Magazine)

..."Musically, the tracks are based on a minimal atmosphere where upbeat tempos and synth sequences create a strong structure where Dario is able to sing his vocals giving life to a convincing performance full of pathos. You can call it minimal e.b.m. or else but it really doesn’t matter, because Imi has his own style which you’ll appreciate, thanks to the use of analog synths sounds and catchy tiny melodies..."
(Chain D.L.K.)

... "Achter ImiAFan gaat de Slovaak Imrich Vegh schuil. Hij werkte al samen met onder meer Adrian Smith (Click Click), Makina Girgir en Charles Kent. Daar komt nu ook Dario Seraval bij, zanger van de Sloveense grootmacht Borghesia. ‘Against The Walls’ telt zes nummers. De teksten zijn geleend bij punk bands als GRC en Berlinski Zid en ook de Sloveense dichter Toma× Šalamun levert een bijdrage. De stem van Seraval is overal herkenbaar en je bent geneigd om deze songs te gaan vergelijken met het werk van Borghesia. Een impuls die je bijna meteen weer vergeet, want Vegh laat zijn helden als DAF, Kraftwerk en Minimal Compact doorklinken in zijn muziek. Dit aangevuld met een eigen persoonlijke muzikale visie die een moderne variant van darkwave, electro en synthpop laat horen... Bij elke luisterbeurt dienen zich nieuwe elementen aan, kleine intonaties of muzikale details die je voorheen niet had gehoord. Het maakt van ‘Against The Walls’ een fraai plaatje dat je niet meteen moe wordt..."
(Dark Entries)

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