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Seja is an independant label that supports the ideas behind the DIY scene with a focus on indie, electronic and experimental music.

SEJA 06: “V/A - An Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life” Release date Feruary the 19th!
SEJA 05: "Fatal Casualties - SITM Remixes" CD-Single/EP Mailorder only!!!
SEJA 04: “Fatal Casualties - Paria” CD info
SEJA 03: “Niton Decay - Cage” LP (release date: later in May!) info
SEJA 02: “Traffic A.M. - Left Behind Left Within” LP info
SEJA 01: “Soho Preachers - Wake Up”
LP info

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SEJA 06: In progress! V/A “A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life”
Release date February 19th, 2014!
Various Artists. A ltd vinyl only release. First 100 copies in red vinyl, 233 copies black vinyl .

V/A - A Visual And Auditory Reminder Of The Beauty Of Life (SEJA 06)

A1 Fatal Casualties - Porta Breath (Remake)
A2 Niton Decay - Generate Electricity
A3 Poeme Electronique - Let There Be Neon
A4 ImiAFan & Adrian Smith - Try One
A5 Kompleta - Das Haus

B1 Sophya - Mechanical Butterflies
B2 Das Ding - Kafka Blues
B3 Mängelexemplar - Internetdemenz
B4 Selofan - Nafthalini
B5 Traffic A.M. - Babylon
B6 Chambre Froide - Les Machine


Vinyl only! No repress.
100 copies red vinyl, 233 copies black vinyl.

Selected press quotes:
“...Niton Decay is another cool discovery on the Seja roster. The song “Generate Electricity” is a fine mix of pure vintage electronics and minimalism. It’s an intelligent format of electro music... It all sounds like Seja Records has a fine nose for 80s inspired projects... This sampler simply proves that ‘big’ and ‘established’ names are not always the absolute ‘best’ bands active in the scene."

"...The Dutch band ‘Kompleta’ with the track ‘Das Haus’ brings back memories from early Dutch radio station vpro, with programs like ‘Radio Nome’ and ‘Spleen’, lots of analog sounds released on cassette in those days. The band 'Sophya’ is the only band with lots of guitar on this album, riffs that could be from the Cure or other new wave legends, great song!... This album is a must have for every underground minimal, and dark wave lover. A perfect compilation.”

Visueel een feest door de fantastische hoes en qua geluid een heerlijke knipoog naar die geweldige “dark ages”. Het is een verzameling van 11 bekende en onbekende artiesten uit Zweden, Duitsland, Engeland, Slowakije, Griekenland, Frankrijk en Nederland die de toon zetten met hun exclusieve bijdragen. Het drie kwartier durende album opent met de geweldige Fatal Casualties, die met hun mini Paria (2013) en SITM Remixes (2013) een prominente plek op het label hebben ingenomen. Ook oudgedienden Poeme Electronique, Sophya (leuk om weer wat van ze te horen!) en Adrian Smith (Click Click), hier samen met het Slowaakse ImiAFan, laten hier weer van zich horen. De overige feestgangers bestaan uit Niton Decay, Kompleta, Das Ding, Mängelexemplar, Selofan, Traffic A.M. en Chambre Froide. Ze weten een coherent geheel te vormen, dat op moderne wijze die wonderschone muziek van hun roots in het zonnetje zet (tijdens een zonsverduistering dan). Iedereen die weer eens op ouderwetse wijze wil genieten van diepgravende muziek, moet (ja moet) deze release absoluut horen. Grootse klasse en wat een heerlijke traktatie! Hiep hiep Seja!
(Jan Willem Broek voor Subjectivisten)

SEJA 05: “Fatal Casualties - SITM Remixes”
CD single + remixes, limited to 150 copies in fold-out cover

Fatal casualties - SITM Remixes (SEJA 05)

1 Somewhere In The Middle (single edit)
2 Laica
3 SITM Remix by Graue Substanz
4 SITM Remix by Daniel B.
5 SITM ODD RMX by Beate Bartel

Release date: December the 8th, 2013
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Selected press quotes:

"... If it's remotely possible, Ivan Hirvonen and Stefan Ljungdahl's latest single for the Dutch Seja label makes the previous single sound like a gleeful walk through a sun-drenched glade. Both 'Somewhere In The Middle' and the B-side 'Laica' are exercises in muted emotions. Hirvonen's vocal on each is raw and gravelly, while the music has been pared back to a throbbing, pulsing palette of subtle detail; there's a lot going on here but the intricacies are deliberately hidden, representing a delicate, but relentless state of being trapped - 'Somewhere In The Middle', through an optimist's lens, would appear to translate as 'just right' but in reality it feels more like 'perpetually stuck'. It makes for a claustrophobic affair if you think about it too much..."
"... SITM Remixes is released as a limited edition CD of just 150 copies, with the disc enclosed in a fold-out sleeve featuring some unsettling shots of a female mannequin or woman covered in what could be a silver foil death mask..."
(Documentary Evidence)

„Somewhere in the Middle – SITM Remixes“ beginnt mit gleichnamigem Song, der mit EBM-Grundgerüst relativ langsam daherkommt. Die einzige Textzeile, die vorkommt, macht das Stück nicht unbedingt interessanter. „Laica“ hingegen kann von Anfang an Atmosphäre aufbauen und bewegt sich wie der „Somewhere In The Middle“-Remix von GRAUE SUBSTANZ in noch langsameren elektronischen Gefilden als das Titelstück. Zu den anderen Remixen, einer von DANIEL B. (FRONT 242) und einer von BEATE BARTE (LIAISONS DANGEREUSES) braucht wahrscheinlich nicht viel gesagt werden. Insgesamt sind die Remix-Versionen musikalisch interessanter als das Original.

In March of this year “Paria” (Seja 04) appeared; the debut of Fatal Casualties, a duo coming from Stockholm consisting of Stefan Ljungdah and Ivan Hirvonen. And that as many as 27 years after the band had started making music. You can call that a long incubation period. This long wait was not in vain, whilst the band came up with a memorable album that refers to the best 80’s dark electronic music in a contemparary style and context. Now when they have a taste for creating new songs and playing live again, an ultra limited CD-EP (150 copies) will see the light at the end of this year. “SITM Remixes” contains two new tracks and three remixes.
“Somewhere In The Middle (single edit)” is a hypothermic track with smooth synths and distorted vocals. The new track Laica is an oppressive beauty. The first remix is by Graue Substanz. SITM evolved under the hands of label mates Stefan Gonser and Michael Kissing in a track that recalls the quiet, dark streets of Gary Numan’s “Vienna”. The repetitive power of Kraftwerk and Can seems to have become the new creation that Daniel B. made of SITM, and Beate Bartel with her SITM ODD RMX was responsible for the most alienating version of the song.
All this makes us just more curious about the new Fatal Casualties album that is on the agenda for spring next year.
(Dietmar Terpstra)




Release date 23rd of May, 2013!
SEJA 03: “Niton Decay - Cage ”
Vinyl LP, limited to 300 copies

Niton Decay- Cage (SEJA 03)

A1 Strange And Silent
A2 Don't Mind
A3 Deny The Decay
A4 Cage
B1 Endless
B2 Shiver
B3 Trance

Release date: 23 May 2013
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Selected press quotes:

...As opening statements go, 'Don't Mind' is effective at setting the scene for the rest of Cage; if you imagined trying to turn the bleakest, darkest colour that Mark Rothko ever committed to his doomed canvasses - perhaps for his Four Seasons series - into a song, it might well sound a lot like 'Don't Mind' - dark, grainy textures, dirty bass slaps, febrile rhythms and melodies that point firmly downwards rather than anywhere euphoric. Over that, Gonser delivers a monotone, vaguely Gary Numan-esque vocal that sounds like it's had every last ounce of hope ripped out of it, leaving nothing more than a void in its place. 'Sometimes I feel the need to be in touch,' Gonser sings on 'Trance', the ten minute queasy epic that closes the album, but it's a brief, fleeting suggestion and is quickly shut down by themes of absolute finality.
Gonser and his Traffic A.M. collaborator Michel Kissing, co-producer of Cage, work hard here to make every track as darkly atmospheric as possible, making this a challenge to listen to if you're in need of something uplifting; staying firmly in that very dark place takes a very resolute level of detachment and Cage, on the whole is minimal, devoid of any unnecessary accompaniment. It wouldn't in any way come across as upbeat for any other artist, but 'Endless' is probably the most positive track here - a vocal that recalls Joy Division's Ian Curtis at his most breezy, tentative funk bass and a 1981-vintage beat with some jangly sounds... and then you listen to the lyrics and it's all messages of collapse, malfunction, pointlessness and a complete and utter absence of hope. If you dare, check out the sheer unadulterated, apocalyptic vibe of the video for 'Deny The Decay' - a song that celebrates darkness - where the images are frankly terrifying...
(Documentary Evidence)

...By checking the first tracks on the A-side of this release I somehow thought on a musically darker sounding Alter Ego-project to Traffic AM, especially after the ominous, sample-driven introduction tune 'Strange And Silent'. Also 'Don't Mind' and 'Deny The Decay' aren't hymns to celebrate a kids' birthday on a sunny afternoon, but clever sounding Downtempo-like Dark Electronica tracks with a constant Wave influence inspired by the golden 80s. The b-side then brings generally in more pace and a bit more of their New Wave influence, it could be said, the 3 tracks are coming very near to the cleaner produced Traffic AM project. 'Cage' is another well produced effort by these German protagonists. The fact, that this release comes again out on good old vinyl just helps again to integrate the analogue warmth so evident for this style of music and it sounds much more 'alive' and edgy than the usual plastic Pop chart music effort.
(Chain D.L.K.)

...“Cage” directly moves into electronic minimalism. The compositions sound pretty experimental although with some clear electro-ambient orientation. The vocals are half spoken half sung, but often creating a rather spooky atmosphere. The down tempo rhythmic perfectly fits to the icy atmospheres and cold sequences. Tracks like “Don’t Mind” and “Deny The Decay” both are very cool exponents of Gonser musical approach....

...Musikalisch sowie textlich klingt „Cage“ wie aus einem Guss. Die Texte drehen sich immer wieder um Apathie, Paranoia und Hoffnungslosigkeit in abgewandelten Phrasen. Das Motto der Gesellschaft als Krankheit zieht sich durch das gesamte Album... Die Entwicklung der negativen Emotionen setzt sich hier wie der Titel vermuten lässt mit dem Versuch weiter, den Verfall zu ignorieren bis es dann im Stück „Cage“ zur unumstößlicher Realisation der eigenen Lethargie und Aussichtslosigkeit kommt. Musikalisch erinnert das Stück stark an eine langsamere Version eines TRAFFIC A.M.-Songs. Musikalisch und textlich ähnlich sind dann auch die folgenden Lieder, bis zynischerweise das am fröhlichsten klingende Lied am Ende textlich den Suizid abhandelt...

...The first track Strange And Silent immediately grabbed me by the neck as this tiny piece of music is like a Pieter Nooten-track that could have been released on Cold Meat Industry. Don’t Mind is ambient-pop and something that could have landed on Brilliant Trees by David Sylvian as it’s pop, but it’s just more than just pop! In fact, we can use these words for all of the tracks which are presented on this vinyl album that consists of seven splendid tracks. Just listen to Deny The Decay as this doomy popsong has all the qualities from a Bowie-track (and yes, we’re referring to his Low-area).
Niton Decay won’t leave you happy as this is music to put you in a very dark mood in where melancholy rules, but oh my God….what a terrific place it is! Absolutely recommended.
(Peek-A-Boo Magazine)

...Noem het dark wave, noem het cold wave of noem het gewoon donkere synthpop, maar dan wel stikdonkere; het debuutalbum van Niton Decay brengt zwartgallige atmosferische synthesizerwave waarin af en toe ook een gitaar opduikt. We moeten denken aan Gary Numan, John Foxx, Frank Tovey en menen ook een zweempje te ontwaren van de vroege Human League of de meer duistere albums van Depeche Mode. De muziek klinkt depri, koud en minimaal. Dark ambient invloeden zitten er ook uitdrukkelijk in. Achter Niton Decay zit ene Stefan Gonser uit Keulen die ook actief is in de dark wave band Traffic A.M...
...In soms ijzige afgemeten vocals vol fatalisme en wanhoop zingt Stefan Gonser op “Cage” (7 tracks, 43 minuten speelduur) over zijn weinig benijdenswaardige leven in de postmoderne wereld: ‘As sirens sound the day begins/ The workers in the factories/ The fallout and the radiance/ Society is a disease.’ Zo begint weinig opbeurend de eerste vocale track “Don’t Mind” en zet zo de toon voor de rest van het album...
...De lange bijna 11 minuten durende slotsong “Trance” klinkt zo wanhopig dat we beginnen te vrezen dat deze getormenteerde ziel er dra Ian Curtis-gewijs een einde aan maakt...
(Dark Entries)


SEJA 04: “Fatal Casualties - Paria”
Digipack CD, limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies

Fatal Casualties - Paria (SEJA 04)

1 Aim
2 Drifting
3 En Nervkostym
4 Glas
5 Slippery
6 Toys

Release date: 20 March 2013
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Selected press quotes:

Opening track Aim immediately can be classified as an instant classic. I won’t be the first who think this sounds like early Klinik but then again there’s nothing wrong with this, I guess. Drifting is a bit poppier, an 80’s synth that seems to come from an old Mute-releases add with distorted vocals… think Borghesia, Skinny Puppy… or just think about quality. En Nerkostym (no, me neither) is probably Fatal Casualties at its darkest, an experimental dancefloorkiller and once again I’m thinking of the influence of a man named Dirk Ivens...
... The EP closes with Toys and it’s just like the existence from the band itself: it all seems like z big mystery. Paria is an excellent work for electroheads. But they better hurry as this release is strictly limited to 200 copies!
(Peek-A-Boo Magazine)

In de korte tijd dat Fatal Casualties bestond, 1986-1991, brachten ze enkele demo's uit en deden wat live performances, daar bleef het in eerste instantie ook bij. Nu brengen ze na circa 21 jaar een EP uit Paria. De vrij luguber uitziende platenhoes doet al vermoeden welke kant deze plaat uitgaat. Heel dreigende en donkere Industrial tonen worden vrij subtiel op ons los gelaten. Paria is geen EP om te beluisteren voor het slapen gaan, het zou je wel eens nachtmerries kunnen bezorgen...

... Paria is short and sweet. It’s built around noise, subtle synths and slow robotic vocals. Its mellow tunes and slowly drawn out lyrics could be the soundtrack to either a horrible drug trip or a really good horror film. (Many fans of the industrial genre would probably be okay with either.)...
(COMA Music Magazine)

... „Glas“ ist erneut ein schwedisches Lied, das mit dieser lockenden Stimme gesungen ist, die man aus manchem Horrorfilm kennt – und in diesen Fällen weiß man genau, dass die Darsteller lieber wegrennen sollten. So liegt auch etwas Bedrohliches im Nachhall und den elektronisches Klängen, die den Text untermalen. Je länger der Song dauert, desto lauter wird er, wechselt etwa zur Hälfte den Stil und wird erst zu dominantem Beat, bis schließlich langsam Synthesizer mehr Pepp reinbringen. Es mündet in einem fast orchestralen Finale, was verwirrt, aber durchaus eine spannende Mischung darstellt....

This 6-track EP is in a way a mix of Industrial and EBM with influences of the 80′s. Though it feels very experimental. It's dark, but with a bright structure with similar effects to the old Tron movie style. The vocals comes with effects and most of the tracks keep a driving beat structure with harsh sounds and noises. At first, I didn’t even noticed that the lyrics was in Swedish in some of the tracks...
(blackvector magazine)

Out November 12th 2012 !
SEJA 02: “Traffic A.M. - Left Behind Left Within”
Vinyl LP, limited to 300 copies

Traffic A.M. - Left Behind Left Within (Seja 02)

A1 Overrun
A2 Time
A3 Change
A4 Resist

B1 Sudden Crash
B2 Love
B3 Subway Story (Repetition)
B4 Difficult

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Selected press quotes:

...The music of Michel Kissing and Stefan Gonser sounds like a long missed friend as they give a flying fuck on the recent efforts and inventions of the pseudo-Goth/Electro-kids. There is a huge amount of nostalgia and 80s-inpired mood integrated to their music, reviews of them often picked-up relations to The Cure and/or Joy Division. Here stands surely a fair amount of truth behind, but since we so-called music journalists are always searching for the right shelf to sort music-projects into, I was about to throw in additionally names like Poesie Noire and melodic-sounding Neon Judgement as possible quells of inspiration to the ring. To cut that short: Traffic A.M. play a sort of Electronica-driven Dark Wave music, which can find influences with already established projects, but it is far away of being a faceless try to copy. Signed to the Netherlands-based label Seja Records, this vinyl-only release (!!!) limited to 300 exemplars is a goody not to be missed. The attractive, mostly calm and Electropop-inspired synthesizer arrangements as well as the Wave-influenced guitar inserts got perfectly united with Stefan Gonser's natural and melodic sounding vocal performance. This duo knows the right registers to entertain: they avoid musically any hectic of the rushing times, although their lyrical content reflects pretty much socio-critical content. The Post-Industrial / Neo-Wave flame is alive and kicking with them, and even if they fall into the trap to get very close to already known EBM-related themes ('Subway Story (Repetition)'), they still proof to find an elegant way out of it. Eight tracks for you to consume pressed on high-quality vinyl and to me especially that warm, analogue sound of the needle of your record-player strengthens the overall good impression of this release. Traffic A.M. want their music to speak for itself - the music speaks wisely in this case, so hurry up and purchase this records - only 300 available exemplars are faster gone than you can think of...
(Chain D.L.K.)

Die Kölner Band liefert mit „Left Behind Left Within“ ein Album ab, bei dem sich wundern muss, warum es nur limitiert auf 300 Stück veröffentlicht wird, denn die Songs haben fast durchgängig Hitpotential – und das ist in diesem Fall nur positiv zu verstehen...
... “Change” beispielsweise ist ein großartiges Stück bester Post Punk-Manier, das durch die Bassläufe sehr an THE CUREs “17 Seconds”-Album erinnert.

... Left Behind Left Within brengt sferen in gedachte die rondwaarden in de jaren '80; compleet met in Oost-Indische inkt gedrenkte gemoedstoestanden waarop Ian Curtis en co patent hebben gekregen. Het leven was niet rooskleurig en daar zou zo één-twee-drie ook geen verandering in gaan komen. Zo bezien Michael Kissing en Stefan Gonser de toestand anno 2012 blijkbaar ook, want hun post-wave rust op een stevig fundament dat opgebouwd is uit eightiesidioom...
... Wat de plaat meeslepend maakt op een hypnotiserend humane manier is de manier waarop de teksten handen en voeten geven aan desolate gevoelens in een neo-postindustrieel tijdperk. Niet om daarin te zwelgen of als laatste der wave-Mohikanen in een overgebleven tochtige loods de wavedanspasjes te etaleren (met het hoofd omlaag, natuurlijk), maar als clarion call om ook met een wellicht onvermijdelijk nakend einde de ogen en armen te openen voor de menselijke en emotionele maat.

...Nu de wereld anno 2012 opnieuw ten prooi is gevallen aan economisch en ecologisch wanbeheer komt het uit Keulen afkomstige Traffic A.M. als geroepen met zijn donkergekleurde, atmosferische post-wave...
... Duister, afstandelijk is de muziek van Traffic A.M., een enigmatisch duo dat zich zelfs op het alles blootleggende internet nagenoeg in stilzwijgen hult. Het tweetal, bestaande uit Michael Kissing & Stefan Gonser, vindt dat de muziek moet spreken voor Traffic A.M., en dat is exact wat er gebeurt. Gedragen door koele synths en repetitieve drummachines, de kille machinerie van cold-, post- en dark wave, evoceren de heren hun gevoelens van angst en verlatenheid, angst en het besef van een naderend einde op even hypnotiserende als meeslepende wijze.

(Dietmar Terpstra)


Seja is proud to announce the first vinyl LP! Release date 3rd of May 2012
SEJA 01: “Soho Preachers - Wake Up”
Vinyl LP on crystal clear vinyl, limited to 320 copies

Soho Preachers - Wake Up (SEJA 01)

A1 Tonight
A2 Carried Away
A3 Last Call For Live
A4 Wake Up

B1 Fallen Angel
B2 In My Mind
B3 Lose Control
B4 Here We Are

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Selected press quotes:

... Muzikaal laveert Soho Preachers op dit debuut ergens tussen een wat softe variant op Fields of The Nephilim en Radiohead in. Theatrale pop dus met experimentele randjes. Ingetogen, melancholisch, zwanger van verlangen. Toch zijn er ook uitstapjes naar postrock, zoals in het fraaie ‘Carried Away’, dat opzichtig tegen het geluid van Radiohead schurkt. De licht bubbelende synthpartijen en pulserende bas spelen een hoofdrol. Popmuziek om bij weg te dromen... (Fade Out / theoploeg.net)

... De band laat zich inspireren door Joy Division, Radiohead en Massive Attack en dat kun je terughoren in de grotestadssfeer dat het album uitstraalt. Donkere en bezwerende baslijnen en synthesizerklanken doen denken aan de tachtiger jaren en samen met de dynamische gitaarpartijen en stemmige vocalen maken ze het geluid van de band... (Mania)

Mit dem Debüt-Album der SOHO PREACHERS feiert auch das junge Label SEJA RECORDS am 3. Mai seine erste Veröffentlichung. Das niederländische Label, das sich zukünftig auf Indie, Electro und experimentelle Musik konzentrieren will, hat mit der Band SOHO PREACHERS einen viel versprechenden Anfang gemacht. Die Band, deren Mitglieder mit ihren vorherigen Projekten wie CASUAL AFFAIRS oder SIBERIA in den 80ern schon größere Erfolge feierten, entfernt sich mit „Wake Up“ von 80er Pop und klingt dabei recht modern, aber dennoch 80er Jahre beeinflusst....
... Die Songs auf „Wake Up“ muten zwar etwas ruhiger und „unterkühlter“ an, aber dennoch lassen Stücke wie „Carried Away“ an SHE WANTS REVENGE denken; das poppigere „Here We Are“ beispielsweise klingt fast etwas nach THE KILLERS. Auffallend ist der herausstechende Bass, der mal etwas verzerrt, dann wieder sehr klar melodiös ist. Zusammen mit dem Einsatz von Synthesizern ergibt sich zwar ein leicht „waviger“ Touch, welcher aber von den Computerdrums wieder aufgehoben wird. Diese sind eher untypisch für Wave oder Indie und erinnern tatsächlich eher an MASSIVE ATTACK. Insgesamt ist „Wake Up“ ein solides Debüt einer neuen Band... (NONPOP).


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