Best Video 0f 2000 by TIJ (The Inconsistent Jukebox)

Best video of 2020 by TIJ (The Inconsistent Jukebox)

Best video of 2020 is definitely the music video for TIJ's 'Cigarette Girl (Burned Again)'. Taken from the album 'Gig Economy', released on Seja Records / Candy Bomber Music (CBM 02) 20 March 2020. Produced by TIJ.
Scenes from the feature film CIGARETTE GIRL used in this video were written and directed by Mike McCarthy, shot and cut by Wheat and starring Cori Dials, used by kind permission exclusive to this video only. Buy the film CIGARETTE GIRL here

Barry Snaith - Vocals
Petrushka Morsink - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Mastered by Idan Karucci
Cigarette Girl (Burned Again) lyrics by B. Snaith




Five songs by three bands (The Reuters, TIJ and Venin Carmin) in the Dutch Snob 2000 of 2020!

39. (43) The Reuters – Ambient Ambulance (2017) from: The Reuters ‘E.P.’
433. (x) The ReutersSong 19 (Break Out) (2020) from: The Reuters ‘Incubation’
1272. (x) TIJKiller Type (2020) from: TIJ - ‘Gig Economy’
1619. (x) Venin Carmin – It’s Gonna Be Wild (2020) from: Venin Carmin ‘Constant Depression’
1832. (x) The Reuters – Loose Wire (2015) 

‘Ambient Ambulance’ by The Reuters released on the 5 song, 33RPM grey marbled 7" ‘E.P’




Venin Carmin Releases Incredible Follow Up Album "Constant Depression"

‘It's Gonna Be Wild’ from the album ‘Constant Depression’ by Venin Carmin.




The Reuters' third vinyl and second album ‘Incubation’ has seen the light!

‘The Force’ from the album ‘Incubation’ by The Reuters.




First album on Candy Bomber Music by TIJ (The Inconsistent Jukebox) titled ‘Gig Economy’