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Offer for May 2021
Three incredible records for only €32,00 - SAVE 17 euro!!!

Record 1: V/A - SORE
Artists on this release: THX 1971, Synths Versus Me, Schwarzblut, Fatal Casualties, Makina Girgir, Psyche, Manic De{e}pression, Képeslap, Boudoir, a state called faith, Identity Theft 

Record 2: m1nk = em one en kay
Anglo-Greek duo Erika Bach and Barry Snaith’s debut album is an unflinching exploration of the dark side of desire.

Record 3: Sophya - Broken Mirrors
Dreamy guitars, smooth bass lines, analogue synths and drum machines. Together with the warmth and heavenly voice of Sonja this results in a unique combination of dream pop and new wave.

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